This site contains technology policies and procedures applicable to faculty, staff, and students at the Goizueta Business School.

You may access the various subject areas through the Table of Contents below. Individual policies and procedures are updated as needed and the latest revision date of each policy is noted beneath its heading.  


General Policies

Software Standards
Wireless Security Standard
Request Hardware for New Employee
Notification of Departing Employees/Students

Faculty Policies

Access to 421 notebooks
Equipment Purchases
Equipment Return
Hardware Purchases Using FSA funds
Hardware Refresh
 Virtual Servers
Personal Networks
Accounts and Security
Account Creation and Retention
Data Protection and Privacy
Exchange Account Requests
Password Policies and Retention   
Requesting Hardware for New Employees
Notification of Departing Employees/Students

Research Computing (pending)


 Faculty and Staff SharePoint Forms
Account Request
First Class Conference Request

 Web Development (WEB)


Security Awareness

Internal Policies (IS staff access only)