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Community Portal Terms and Conditions

Emory University Goizueta Business School (School) encourages students, staff, and faculty of the Goizueta Business school to make use of this site, the Community Portal and its related sites regardless of domain, as a way to share information and collaborate in support of Goizueta's mission. These sites are owned and operated by the Goizueta Business School. Site content is subject to change without notice. While many sites are publicly accessible, certain sites and information offered may be restricted to specific users or segments of the Goizueta community.


Consistent with University policies and regulations, Goizueta upholds the principles of academic freedom and shared governance, freedom of speech, and privacy in the use of electronic resources by our faculty, students and staff.

The Community Portal contains official pages in support of the core mission of the School or related administrative business. It also contains web pages generated by groups or individuals whose expressed views do not necessarily represent the views of the School or its administration.

The School does not actively monitor or control web content. However, when the School receives a notification of an alleged violation of law or policy, we investigate and address violations accordingly. Contact:

Privacy: The Community Portal and Other Sites

The Goizueta Community Portal,, collects information to improve functionality and content and to monitor performance. Data is used to help answer specific questions about the usage and performance of the web site or individual web pages.

Privacy: The EMBA Hub

The Executive MBA's Windows 8 app, the EMBA Hub, stores your GBSNET login credentials on your device in an encrypted manner. These credentials are used to authenticate you as an authorized user to access program-related communications.


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