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The CUI is a think-tank and advocacy for the proliferation of analytical capabilities across all aspects of society, through the use of common, shared and mobile technologies.
 VISION STATEMENT (working)  To be the pre-eminent source for best practices in the access, development and dissemination of intelligence, analytical methods and associated technologies. We are motivated by the desire to raise public awareness and encourage deep interpretations of data, with the intent of strengthening social influence on public policy, health and general social well-fare.
 MISSION STATEMENT (working)  We bring together a diverse set of professionals, citizens and policy makers representing multiple disciplines to regularly discuss issues and opportunities, construct guidelines and technical solutions, host events to help disseminate these solutions and generally advocate for greater social access to and understanding of data. 
Excel Add-in Sharing and Crowdsourcing Efforts : Click here to view some fairly novel add-ins.  Free to all.  If you have another to add to the list, please let us know.

Examples of analytical/collaborative tools/methods available : Here's the link to contribute your examples

Sponsored activities include MobSolve and SwarmCaching events, designed to leverage and showcase the power of socially distributed analytical knowledge and access to technological solutions.
MobSolve events pose a single question to a community of analysts and challenge the community, working collaboratively or as individuals, to develope solutions, share them and generate improvements upon them.  Sharing of solutions and methods are fundemantal prerequisites for participation in MobSolve events.  In the limited time provided, the team/individual capable of providing the greatest total net progress towards the intended solution is awarded first prize.  See the  2012 Predictive Analytics Throwdown  for information on a recent even.
2012 Data Set
SwarmCaching events are team variants of traditional GeoCaching activities.  These events are however competitive and of a fixed duration.  The main process is that of uncovering evidence towards a solution to a broader question posed to all teams.  Rather than cached items, teams seek out codes that are elements of the local environment (e.g. words on a street sign) aided by some reference clues.  Those codes are keyed in to a mobile app to gain access to associated evidence towards problem solution.  In addition, teams are permitted to use a limited number of tokens to "poison" a cache for the next team encountering it.  Not all evidence is needed to solve the question posed.  The team closest to the target solution is awarded first prize in the competition.

Academic Board

Dr. Elliot Bendoly
Associate Professor at Emory University
Area Coordinator  IS & Ops Management
CUI Director
Dr. Benn Konsynski
George S. Craft Distinguished University
Professor of Information Systems & Ops
Management, Emory University
Dr. Dominic Thomas
Adj. Assistant Professor of Information
Systems & Operations Management

Dr. Monica Capra
Associate Professor of Experimental and 
Behavioral Economics
Dr. Anandhi Bharadwaj
Associate Professor at Emory University
Information Ssystems & Ops Management
Dr. Asoo Vakaria
McClatchy Professor, U. Florida
Director Center for Supply Chain Mgmt
Senior Editor, Decision Sciences Journal

Dr. Neal Patwari
Assistant Professor at University of Utah
Director, Sensing and Processing Across
Networks (SPAN) Lab
Dr. Vic Uzumeri
Associate Professor, Auburn University 
Owner, Interactive Point of View

Practioner Board

Bruce McPherson

Head of Architecture, Motorola Solutions

Petros Chatzipantazis
Financial Modeller / VBA Developer
Taylor Davis
Senior Director, Audience and
Multi-Platform Technology at Turner     
Broadcasting System, Inc.
Lee Pasachow
Library liason with ISOM area and BBA
program at Goizueta Business School
David Paul

Managing Director, Advisory Services

Dr. Taha Kass-Hout
Deputy Division Director for Information
Science at Centers for Disease Control
and Prevention (CDC)

Emily Pender
Co-Founder at DVX Interactive             
Ron Rizzi
Principal - Developer @ Cause            
Innovators, Inc.
Julie Sinor
Director - Information Governance,             
Privacy and e-Discovery, PwC

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