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Summer 2020

The BWC is available for remote work with you on your assignments.   Reviews will be conducted on a first-come, first-served basis, just like walk-in hours.

The process for review is as follows:

  1. Email your due date and paper in Word format to  If you have specific questions, please feel free to include those in your message.
  2. Your paper will be placed in the queue, and we will email you to let you know where you stand on the list.
  3. BWC staff will use Word's review tab functions to edit and comment on the content. 
  4. BWC staff will return your document to you via email.
  5. If there are questions or a need for clarification, BWC staff will schedule a Zoom meeting with you.

We expect to spend an average of 30 minutes reviewing your 1-4 page paper.  If you have longer papers it may take more time.

Thanks for your understanding and we look forward to working with you.

Carol Kirshner

Manager, Business Writing Center

Fall 2020 Sessions

To sign up for an appointment, please visit the BWC during our hours of operation or visit our online calendar. If you are not already logged into the Goizueta Business Network, you will be prompted to login using your GBS network username and password.

All clients must bring a hard copy ​and the assigment prompt, and must arrive on time.

In addition, all clients must read and agree to the BWC Policies & Expectations (below).

 BWC Policies

  • The BWC offers three types of consultations: 

    • Appointments will secure 30-minute meeting time with a BWC Consultant, who is a graduate student or an experienced business professional, or a BWC Tutor, who is a BBA student.

    • Walk-ins are more flexible opportunities to meet with a BBA Peer Tutor who has completed the BUS365 course and possesses exceptional composition skills.

    • Video conferences (via skype) are only available for students currently studying abroad.  To establish a video conference, please contact the BWC Manager via email:

  • Any student may use no more than one (1) hour of appointments per day.

  • Any student may use no more than two (2) appointments per week (totaling 1 hour per week).

  • ​​If a student does not arrive within ten (10) minutes of his or her appointment's start time, he or she will be considered a "no-show."

  • If a student cancels his or her appointment less than two (2) hours before the appointment start time, he or she will be considered a "no-show." 

  • If a student fails to appear for his or her appointment, he or she will be considered a "no-show."

  • If a student is a "no-show" twice within a given semester, that student may lose the privilege of making appointments with the BWC, in order to accommodate students in good standing. The student may continue to hold walk-in appointments.

  • Make an appointment well in advance of your project deadline. You will need time to incorporate feedback from your consultant into your assignment, and you may discover the need for multiple appointments.


 Appointment Expectations




What We Can Do For You

BWC consultant will work with you to improve your paper, but you are the author. Therefore, you are largely responsible for the success of a BWC consultation. You can expect consultants to offer you support in the following:

  • Strengthening your written communication skills including improving coherence, cohesiveness, and conciseness

  • Identifying strategies for revision

  • Prioritizing concerns of the “higher order” (e.g. organization, thesis) above the “lower order” (e.g. grammar)

  • Formatting your paper in proper APA (or other) formatting style

  • Structuring your assignment, including organization and outlining

  • Understanding your assignment prompt, generating and brainstorming ideas, and deciding on appropriate material to include

  • Identifying grammar errors

  • Preparing non-course writings, including resumes and cover letters, for jobs and internships


The consultant’s goal is to help you improve your paper while also guiding you to better long-term writing practices. ​

Our consultants are not proofreaders or editors. They will most likely not have time to address every error or issue. Do not expect consultants to:

  • Choose your topic for you or tell you what to write

  • Proofread or copy edit your paper

  • Re-write or “fix” problem areas

  • Find every error

  • Guarantee you an “A” on your paper or guarantee improvement after only one consultation​


Your Responsibilities

You are the author and owner of your writing; therefore, the success of a BWC consultation largely depends on your willing participation and cooperation. The following strategies will help you maximize your BWC appointment:



  • Bring a hard copy. Whatever you’re working on, bring a paper copy to your appointment. As a policy, BWC consultants will not look at a document that is only available as a digital copy.


  • Bring the prompt. If are working on a class assignment, please bring in a paper copy (or know the online location) of the assignment prompt, rubric, and any other additional information you think will be necessary to help your consultant better understand the assignment and your instructor’s expectations.


  • Communicate your goals. Arrive at the BWC with an idea of what you would like to accomplish during your appointment, and share your plan with your consultant. We suggest that you self-edit before the appointment to try to identify some problem areas.


  • Ask questions. During the appointment, if you have particular questions about the consultant’s feedback, ask. If you don’t understand why your consultant suggested certain changes, ask. Asking questions will help you to learn self-editing techniques for your future writing assignments.


  • Embrace the partnership. You an​d your BWC consultant must work together. Your consultant will be able to assist you at any stage of the writing process for any piece of writing, but you are the expert in the material. Respect your consultant’s expertise, and be willing to share your own.


  • Respect your consultant’s time. Please plan to arrive on time and prepared for your appointment. If you know that you will be unable to keep an appointment, please cancel it as soon as possible to allow other clients the opportunity to access the BWC’s services. Also, please do not plan to work on other assignments or tasks during the appointment.


  • Plan ahead. Do not wait until the night before a deadline to schedule your BWC appointment. You will need time to incorporate feedback from your consultant into your assignment, and you may find you need multiple appointments, especially if you are working on a larger project.


Above all, the best strategy for ensuring a successful appointment is a positive attitude.​