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Global Requirement

Two Year MBA and Dual Degree fall first term students:
   Complete TWO of the following by graduation.
One Year MBA and Dual Degree summer first term students:
   Complete ONE of the following by graduation.

FIN 503: Global Macroeconomic Perspectives
FIN 529: Project Finance
ISOM 553: Supply Chain Management
FIN 619: Information and Global Capital Markets
FIN 627: International Finance
OAM 635: Multinational Firms & Strategy
MKT 641: Global Marketing Seminar
FIN 687: Global Derivatives Markets 
International Mid-Semester Module
Second International Mid-Semester Module
Two Foreign Language Courses in the same language at Emory College
One Study Abroad Residency (Short Course 3 credits)
Second Study Abroad Residency (Short Course 3 credits)
One Semester Study Abroad Residency (Counts for TWO global requirements)
Approved International Class at another Emory program

Check current schedule for availability.​