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Language Classes

Taking an Undergraduate Language Course at Emory

While you are completing your MBA studies, you have the option to take undergraduate language courses, in addition to your MBA courses. Some key points about taking a language class:
  • Full-Time MBA students may count foreign languages classes as meeting one of the required two global options. To earn the right to apply these credit hours, students must:
    • Take two 100 or 200 level courses in the same language. 300 level courses or higher need approval from the MBA Program Office prior to enrolling in the course
    • These two classes must be taken for a grade and passed.
    • One language course alone, two language courses in two  different languages, or two language courses that are audited or taken as Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory will not earn credit hours toward the MBA degree, or count as a global requirement.
  • If you do not want to count a language course toward your MBA degree, or only take one course, you are welcome to do so if space is available. 
  • Emory College students have language as a graduation requirement, so they get priority in language classes.

Finding Language Classes

First, go to the website for the department(s) you are interested in. To view all the departments at Emory, go to the following page, where you will find course descriptions through the links on this page.‚Äč

Pre-req for Language Classes

If you want to take a Spanish course or many other languages, you must take the Placement exam.  Look carefully at each department to see if a language exam is necessary. It may be required, even if you are signing up for the intro level class.
Searching for language classes in OPUS
To find the exact day / time of a course, you will probably need to look it up in OPUS. After logging into OPUS, use enrollment - class search.
  • Put in the subject (see list below),
  • Then pick the course career ("Undergraduate Emory College").
  • Turn off "show open classes only"
Spanish - SPAN
French - FREN
Hebrew - HEBR
Italian - ITAL
Korean - KRN
Latin - LAT
Greek - GRK
German - GER
Arabic - ARAB
Hindi - HNDI
Persian - PERS
Russian - RUSS

Registering for a Language Class

  • To register for language classes, you must wait until the Emory College students finish registration and the Drop/Add period opens.
    • Fall: This means you can register starting mid-April. You are not allowed to enroll during the week before classes begin in August due to freshman registration. 
    • Spring: Registration starts in December.
    • To request the class please complete this survey that is submitted to the registrar's office:


  • You will not be able to add Emory College classes onto your schedule through OPUS.  This is a manual process that must be completed by someone in the Registrar's office.  If the class is open on OPUS - please complete the survey.  Annabella Yumul in the Registrar's Office receives these emails.
  • If the class is closed, you have two options. First you can check in OPUS periodically to see if a spot opens up during Drop/Add.  When it opens, notify Annabella Yumul or Amy Bentley immediately.  If no spaces open up, you will need to get faculty permission to add the class. An email from that professor is sufficient documentation to confirm you have received his/her permission to enroll.  Please forward this email to Annabella Yumul.