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Learning Outcomes

‚Äč1.Students should demonstrate sufficient knowledge in each of the specified core course areas, including decision analytics, economic analysis, leading organizations, strategy, managerial finance, financial accounting, marketing, processes and systems management, and professional communications.

2.Students should be able to integrate concepts, tools, and analytical techniques across all core subject areas to address business questions.

3.Student should be able to analyze complex business questions, when presented in ambiguous forms that mimic how questions arise in the practice of business.

4.Students should be able to identify, collect, and analyze needed data when studying various questions, so they may make data-driven business decisions.

5.Students should have an awareness and understanding of the challenges of globalization to current business practices.

6.Students should be able to apply all of their learning to real-world situations that they are likely to encounter in an internship or full-time position upon graduation.