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Schedule Change Instructions

See below for information on specific Drop/Add/Swap instructions, checking for open
classes, and waitlists. For any other questions, send us an email or stop by the MBA Program Office.

Link to OPUS:

To add/drop/swap a class
1) Log onto OPUS. Click on "Academics". Select "Enrollment and add/Drop/Swap". Click on the correct term.
2) At the bottom of your current schedule, there is an option to "Add Classes," "Drop / Update Classes," or "Swap Classes."

"Add Classes:" If you want to add a class to your schedule, enter the 4 digit class number (or look it up by clicking on the icon). Hit Tab and the BUS XXX number should show up. To finish the process, click on the "Submit" button on the right hand side of the screen. The Status column
should change from "Pending" to "Success."
"Drop Classes:" Your schedule will appear with a box beside each class. Select the one beside the class you wish to drop and use the pull-down menu to select "Drop." Click on the "Submit" button.
"Swap Classes:" If you are going to drop and add simultaneously or switch sections of the same class - select "Swap classes." Your current schedule will appear on the left-hand side. Go to the class you wish to swap and enter the 4 digit class code you want to add to your schedule (You can look up the code by clicking on the icon). Click on the "Submit" button. The Swap Status will change from "Pending" to "Success."

Check for Open Classes
You can check on OPUS to help you plan your class changes. The number of available spaces changes constantly, so OPUS is always going to be the most accurate source for the number of spaces available in classes.
1) Log onto OPUS, select "View Schedule of Classes".
2) Choose the term either by clicking on the and making a selection. Select "Basic" (use "Advanced" if you want to search on class time or professor).
Scenario #1: Checking for all open classes:
Subject: "BUS" Course Career: "Graduate Business"
Click on Search
Scenario #2: Checking for a specific class:
Subject: ACT, FIN, ISOM, MKT, or OAM 
Catalog number: 503, 632, etc. Use "contains" in the search.
Open Classes: turn off the check mark to see all sections of a class (open and closed).
Click on Search.
Important Caveat: All FTMBA classes have a section number that begins with 32XX. If the section number begins with any other numbers or those with a course number in the 700s, they are not open to full-time MBA students.

Classes outside the Business School
You can also search for classes outside the Business School. Follow the instructions above - but for subject put the area (ex. Spanish SPAN, Chinese CHN, etc). Then go to Course Career and select "Undergrad - Emory College." Click on search.

Waitlist Information
If you are on a waitlist, you will be notified by the Registrar's Office when a space opens up for you. You will have a limited period of time (usually two days) to decide if you want the class. (If you will be traveling over break, be sure to use your autoreply when you won't have email access.) If you now want a class that is currently closed, you must wait for someone to drop it. Waitlists are only created for students who requested a class during the waitlist registration period.