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Waiving Core Classes

Waiver exams provide an opportunity for you to waive a course prior to enrollment. 
If you successfully waive the course, then you have the option of still taking that course for credit or not; or you can waive the course and fill it with a three credit elective of your choice in any semester before you graduate.  Your total credits needed for graduation do not change, rather you will take more electives than core to make up the difference.
Waiver exams will be offered for Financial Reporting & Analysis (Accounting), and Managerial Finance.  

U.S. CPAs are waived from Financial Reporting & Analysis. Please send your CPA documentation to to be filed with your OPUS record.
Waiver exams can be taken on-line prior to Onboarding. 

If you are interested in waiving one of these core courses, please send an email to