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Global Options

​​Study Abroad Slides

Global Options include short courses (except Mid-Semester Modules) to full academic semesters (or year). 

- be enrolled in the MBA Program at Emory University's Goizueta Business School when you apply;
- have at least a PS average in courses;
- be in good academic standing;
- disclose any Honor Council or Student Conduct charges, violations, or outstanding cases;
- have
not been suspended, expelled, or put on disciplinary probation at any college including Emory.

Step 1: Interest Survey:

​If you are considering studying abroad, the interest survey​ lets the Program Office know what the demand may be for the different locations.

Step 2: Application:

Short Courses:
Students going on short courses​ - less than 1 month

Semester/Quarter Abroad:
Students going for one semester must: 
  complete the application
  submit a 1 - 2 page essay about your reasons and goals for studying abroad
  submit a resume. 
Initial applications for the next academic year semester abroad are due February 15.  Other deadlines will be announced as they are updated by the host schools.

If the program selected has more applicants than spaces, priority will be given to students with the strongest academic record at Goizueta.

Grading is done by the school issuing the transcript.  For most study abroad options, this is the host school.  If the host school issues a transcript, then the Emory transcript will show the credits as Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory.  For options through the Evening MBA Program, the grading is done by Emory.  To show your complete academic history for your MBA, you will need transcripts from each school that issues grades.

Financial Aid and Fees:
For those accepted for January short programs a $300 non-refundable, non-transferable program fee due on October 5.

For short courses, additional aid may be available based on the budget for that program.  The budget is based on estimated costs for travel, lodging, food and fees.  Host schools may charge fees directly to students.  For most programs, there is no additional tuition fee.  MBA students who have graduated and are going abroad for the following term, are not eligible for financial aid.

For Semester Abroad, tuition and living expenses are based on Emory's budget.  If the cost of living is higher at the host school, students may apply for a budget adjustment with appropriate documentation.  Also, travel expenses may qualify for a budget adjustment.  Tuition and scholarships remain the same as students pay Emory for those.

The duration of the MBA Program is not reduced by study abroad.  If you are a Two Year student, you have 4 semesters of residency (12 credits or more).  If you are a One Year or Dual Degree student, you have 3 semesters of residency (12 credits or more).

Studying abroad for one semester/quarter is allowed for Two Year MBA students.  There is a three semester Emory Campus residency requirement. One Year MBAs may extend their time to the MBA degree to study abroad for a semester.

When you return:
Please complete the survey about your experience. Also, ensure that your transcript comes to Emory.