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Curricular Practical Training


Curricular Practical Training (CPT) is a form of work authorization for students whose degree programs require certain training as an integral part of their established curricula.  This is a part of the authorization for international students studying and working in the US.  You can only participate in CPT after two semesters (30 weeks) of full-time enrollment.

You can only do CPT during your program, and it requires a specific position (paid or unpaid) that is directly related to your field of study. It’s authorized for one semester at a time.

For complete information, check the ISSS website:

FIRST: You will need to enroll in BUS 696​ for the term when you are participating in CPT.  You will need to complete the BUS 696 requirements as a part of the program at Emory. Registration for the summer term is open in late March/early April. You will register for 1 credit.  It is an S/U graded course.​  If you are working outside of the metro Atlanta area, your summer fees can be waived. You must be registrered for the course before April 9, 2018 and have completed the survey​.

SECOND: You will need to email your offer letter that meets the listed requirements to Harriet Ruskin so the offer can be reviewed to be sure it fits the academic degree.  Sample documents​ are available in the menu to the right.
  • on company letterhead
  • company name, title and short job description
  • location where you will work including street address and zip code
  • full-time or part-time (during academic semesters, parttime only limited to 20 hours per week)
  • start and end dates
  • contact information for person at the organization
THIRD: Go to ISSS Link to enter your information and upload your offer letter.  Harriet will approve it.

FOURTH:  When you get the email from ISSS, go there to pick up your revised I20.

FIFTH:  You will be automatically charged tuition from Emory for the summer.  The tuition fee will be removed, but you will need to pay the summer fees.  If it is during the academic school year, there is not a fee associated with this.

SIXTH: Remeber that you will have a paper due at the end of the term in which you are enrolled. 

For the final step in satisfying the BUS 696 CPT course requirement is to submit a paper regarding your experience.  Using the STAR (Situation, Task, Action, Result) format, describe three or four experiences from this experience.  The paper should be 3 to 6 pages and is due by the first week of the following semester or before graduation (which ever occurs first).  Please send it electronically to in word titled: first_last_BUS696.doc The BUS 696 class is one credit, Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory and the credit does not count towards your electives or core courses.​


Sample Letter

prepared by employer
CPT Sample Offer Letter.pdf

On-Campus Employment