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Curricular Practical Training

DEFINITION:  The MBA Program Office, Career Management Center (CMC) and the International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS) have structured an internship program which complies with the US Citizenship and Immigration Service’s (USCIS) definition of Curricular Practical Training (CPT).  Curricular Practical Training allows F-1 visa holders to work off-campus and be paid as part of an internship experience.  ISSS's policy is to require authorization even for unpaid internships because it is seen as work that is compensated.
For on-campus employment, students are eligible during each academic year.
Following the completion of one full academic year as a full-time student, those holding F-1 status may apply for the benefit of obtaining practical experience in their field of study. Because the F-1 student may perform duties for which a U.S. citizen or lawful permanent resident would normally be paid, the Code of Federal Regulations allows the F-1 student to be paid, as well, as long as the practical training for which the student has been authorized complies with all other regulatory requirements.
If the practical training for which they wish to apply is a) part of an internship course required of all students in the student’s educational program, b) the student will register for and receive academic credit for the training, c) the training directly contributes to the student’s thesis or dissertation research, or d) the student’s school has entered into a cooperative agreement with the organization providing the training, the practical training is considered part of the student’s academic curriculum and is known as Curricular Practical Training (CPT). This form of practical training, because it is so closely tied to the student’s program of study, is authorized directly by ISSS. CPT is only available during the student’s program of study and requires a specific placement position.
ISSS strongly suggests submission of a CPT request at least two weeks prior to the proposed employment start date to ensure timely processing.
Curricular Practical Training may be part time or full time. Part-time CPT is defined as 20 hours or less per week. Full-time CPT is any training that exceeds 20 hours per week.
Required Documentation
Written offer of employment on the company’s official letterhead signed by the prospective supervisor or hiring manager. The letter must include the employer’s name, the beginning and ending dates of the employment, the number of hours per week, the address of the employment site, the position title and a description of the position. (This letter will be scanned and uploaded via ISSS Link as part of the request process.)
  1. Submit the CPT Request e-form (and scanned copy of employment offer letter) via ISSS Link.
  2. Email a copy of your offer letter to
  3. Fill out your company and internship information on our summer intern survey.
  4. Your international student advisor (Harriet Ruskin) will review the request, determine eligibility, and process your request within five business days.
  5. An email will be sent to the company with an agreement they must sign and return to Harriet.  Harriet will email you when the form is returned. You are welcome to follow-up with the company if they haven't returned the form.
  6. Pick up the signed agreement from Harriet's office and sign the form and bring it to the ISSS office, 130 N. Decatur Building.
  7. You will receive notification via email when the I-20 is available for your signature and pickup.
  8. Bring the original employment offer letter along with your immigration documents to ISSS when you come to pick up your new form I-20.

At the end of the summer, you or your employer submits a review of your work.

Note: If your application requires additional documentation or if any of the above-mentioned documents are missing or incomplete, processing delays may occur.
Engaging in employment prior to receiving ISSS authorization (on form I-20) constitutes a violation of the non-immigrant status.
SPECIAL NOTE:  Students who have received one year or more of full time Curricular Practical Training are NOT eligible for Optional Practical Training upon graduation.  Part time Curricular Practical Training (20 hours or less a week) is not counted toward the one-year threshold at which the student loses eligibility for Optional Practical Training.
For more information: ISSS CPT. Questions? Please contact an ISSS advisor at 404-727-3300.

Sample Letter

prepared by employer
CPT Sample Offer Letter.pdf

sample agreement sent from the MBA Program Office to the employer
CPT Letter and Cooperative Agreement.pdf

On-Campus Employment

Working on-campus with the MBA Admissions Office - LINK to request SSN Letter