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How many credits do I need to enter the program?
Emory College students must have 56 credit hours to apply for Spring (early) admission and 60 hours to apply for Fall admission, exclusive of PE, Health and PACE.  Oxford College students must have completed the Associate of Arts degree by the time they matriculate.


How do I apply?
The application is available online under the "How to Apply" section of this site.  It
includes a short essay and academic and non-academic references. Please see the application form for a checklist of required components.


When is the application deadline?
The application deadline for Spring enrollment is October 1 and for Fall enrollment is February 15 (if the deadline falls on a weekend, the deadline will be extended to the next business day).
If your complete application is received after the deadline, it will be reviewed on a space available basis, and you will be notified of your admission decision after the end of the semester in which you apply. Applications are not considered complete until all components are received.


May I apply early so I can start in the Spring?
Not all students are eligible to apply early to the business school. You may apply early if you will have amassed 56 credit hours (for Emory College students) or received your Associate’s degree (for Oxford College students) and have completed the
prerequisite courses by the time of entrance.


What is the advantage to applying early?
Some students are interested in pursuing business coursework as soon as possible. Early entry to the business school can provide you with greater flexibility in scheduling and more opportunities to pursue multiple interest areas. Early entry to the program also allows students to study abroad in the Fall of their junior year.  Students who apply on the regular timeline may still study abroad in Spring of their junior year or during their senior year.  Semester of entry may also impact courseload, with Early entry often allowing for a slightly lighter load during the junior and senior years.


Can I reapply if I don't get in?
If you applied for admission and were denied, you may request reconsideration of your application once, for the following semester, by completing a request form
that can be found under the "How to Apply" section of this site.  Keep in mind that there is a two-year residency requirement from the time of matriculation (see section above), so late admission (i.e. after Fall of junior year) will impact your intended graduation date.

What happens if I don’t have my general education requirements (GERs) finished before I enter the business school?
Several business school core requirements count towards completion of Emory's general education requirements
 and will be completed after enrollment in the business school. You may use the flexible electives to complete other remaining GERs once you are in the Undergraduate BBA Program. Please note that most GERs should be finished before enrollment.  It is required that a Continued Writing Requirement course be completed prior to entry (the other two CWR courses are included in the BBA Program).

How can I find business pre-requisites to enroll?

All Emory courses can be found in the course atlas​.  You can find them in OPUS to add them to your shopping cart.  If you're having difficulty, make sure you change the Course Career drop down option from Undergraduate College to Undergraduate Business.  A list of business courses will also be posted prior to pre-registration each semester.

Can I take additional business courses?
You may enroll directly in ACT 211 - Managerial Accounting after taking ACT 210.  These courses should not be taken concurrently.  Students not intending to complete the BBA may also enroll directly in FIN 220 - Finance for Non-BBAs.  Other core and elective courses may be available for enrollment after the freshman year.  For more details, please visit this page​.

How does academic advising work in the business school?
You will be assigned an academic advisor upon entrance to the business school. Your academic advisor will assure that you are making satisfactory progress toward your BBA degree and that your course selection is appropriate for your educational and professional goals. You will meet with your advisor each semester to arrange your coursework. A crucial component of the advising process is to assist you in taking advantage of the many resources and opportunities available through the business school.

Drop-in hours are held several times weekly for Pre-BBA students and can be viewed under Pre-BBA Academic Advising​.


Does my GPA start over after enrollment in the business school?
Your business school GPA is the cumulative average of your earned grades in all classes after enrolling in the business school. All class rankings and honors will be determined on the basis of this calculation. However, your college grades remain a part of your academic record. When you request a transcript from the University’s Registrar, both your college and business school GPA will be included.


Do I have to complete a junior and senior writing requirement in the business school?
The junior and senior writing requirements are satisfied through the BBA core curriculum and electives. All students must complete both the freshman and sophomore writing requirements as set forth in the GERs.  You should complete both prior to entry in the BBA Program.


Do I have to complete a PE requirement to graduate?
Yes. Emory College students must take two physical education courses and Health 100 to graduate.  Oxford College students must take three physical education courses.


Is it possible to complete an Emory College major along with a BBA degree?
Yes. The possibility of completing the needed college course work in conjunction with the BBA degree depends on the requirements of the major you are pursuing. You can use your flexible and non-business electives to complete the classes you need by planning carefully and working with advisors in both the business school and the college. Approximately 25% of the graduating BBA class successfully earns a college major. Emory College does not award minors to business school students, although many students complete the coursework towards a minor.


Can I study abroad?
Yes​!  You can study abroad regardless of which semester you enter the program.  For more details on international opportunities, please visit this page​.

What is an area depth?
You can think of the area depth as a “major within a major.” An area depth is a series of four courses that allows students to develop specific expertise. Students choose from a range of depths that encompass the functional areas of business.