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How to Apply




The BBA Program Application
consists of an application form, an essay, a resume, a letter of recommendation from a faculty member and one non-academic/service recommendation-optional for FA2021.  We also require official,electronic transcripts from all institutions attended outside of Emory or Oxford. Electronic transcripts in lieu of hard copies are an update as of 8/5/2020.

To begin your Fall 2021 BBA Application ​Click here: 


BBA Fall 2021 Application​

This link will guide you to create an account and then you can begin your application.  You should select 2021 for the year and then Fall/Regular for the application round.  The application does not need to be completed in one sitting.  You can log back in multiple times to work on the application prior to submission.​

If you aren't registered as a Pre-BBA, do it now! Please register online​ so that we can send you information related to advisement, deadlines, resources, and events!​​

A Note about Biographical Information:

Please use your LEGAL name when asked First Name and input your Preferred name where preferred is requested. This will help us as we gather your documents and attach transcripts.

The essay topic is as follows:

The BBA Program seeks students who are fully engaged in the Goizueta community and who are committed to upholding our values as set forth in the BBA Creed.  Through your essay, we hope to gain an understanding of the ways in which you have laid a foundation for this during your time at Emory or Oxford College.

In preparation for your essay, please read the BBA Creed​.  Please choose one of the seven creed values and reflect upon its importance to you and how you have demonstrated this value during your time at Emory/Oxford.  

Please limit your essay to 500 words.  You may single or double space your essay.  Choose a professional font and a reasonable font size, and put your name at the top of the document.  Please edit your essay carefully, as errors in grammar or spelling will negatively impact your application. The BBA Program Office does not review admission essays. If you would like assistance with your essay, you may schedule an appointment with the Emory Writing Center. ​

Click Pre-BBA Resume Template_S20.pdfPre-BBA Resume Template_S20.pdf ​for a resume template for Atlanta Campus students.

Click Pre-BBA Resume Template_OXFORD_S20.pdfPre-BBA Resume Template_OXFORD_S20.pdf for a resume template for Oxford students

If you applied for Spring 2021 admission and wish to have your application reconsidered for Fall 2021 admission, please see the information below in the section titled 'Reconsideration.'


You are eligible to enter the BBA Program once you have successfully attained junior standing based on your academic credit hours earned and have completed the pre-requisites for the program. You must have 53+ credit hours for Spring (early) admission, and 60 credit hours for Fall admission, exclusive of PE, Health, and PACE.  We accept applications in the semester prior to the one in which you intend to enroll.  You may be enrolled in pre-requisite coursework at the time of application.


Admission Criteria

While the admission rate varies based on the size and competitiveness of the applicant pool in a given semester, typically more than 80% of applicants are admitted. We strive to accommodate all qualified applicants and offer a range of options for students who are not admitted. Each applicant is reviewed individually and no one factor is the full determinant for a positive admission decision. As a guideline, the following criteria are considered:
  • Consistent academic achievement
  • Diverse involvement on campus
  • Strong letters of recommendation
  • Completion of all pre-requisites
  • Strength compared to the pool of applicants

Application deadlines are as follows:
Spring 2021 enrollment: September 25, 2020
Fall 2021 enrollment: February 19, 2021

These are the final dates for submission of ALL materials, including transcripts and recommendations.  You should start your online application well before this date in order to have these materials in process early on.  In particular, you should visit the Education and Recommendation sections early as these components of the application are dependent upon work completed by others.
Application Decisions
If your complete application is received by the deadline, it will be reviewed within 4-6 weeks. You will be notified of your admission decision via e-mail in time to bid on classes for the subsequent semester.
If your complete application is received after the deadline for any reason, it will be reviewed on a space available basis, and you will be notified of your admission decision after the end of the semester in which you apply. Applications are not considered complete until all components are received.  However, we do admit a number of students at the end of the semester, so if your application is not complete by the deadline, it is still possible to be admitted.
The possible outcomes of your application are as follows:
  • Accept - the Admissions Committee has determined you are a good fit with the BBA Program
  • Deny - the Admissions Committee has determined that you are not currently a fit with the BBA Program
  • Waitlist - you are close to meeting the criteria and the Admissions Committee would like to see how you perform in the current semester before rendering a final decision
  • Hold - you meet the criteria for admission but we are missing important information such as grades in more than one pre-requisite if you are currently enrolled in two or more
Note that students who have transferred to Emory may not apply during their first semester at Emory and the Admissions Committee will wait to view two semesters' worth of grades and involvement before rendering a decision.

Residency Requirement
The BBA Program requires that students be enrolled for a minimum of two full academic years.  Summer semester does not count towards this requirement.  The residency requirement is in place to allow students adequate time both to complete academic requirements and to engage in meaningful opportunities to apply the skills learned in the classroom.

If you applied for admission and were denied, you may request reconsideration of your application once, for the following semester, by completing a request form.  Keep in mind that there is a two-year residency requirement from the time of matriculation (see section above), so late admission (i.e. after Fall of junior year) will impact your intended graduation date.
  If you applied for Spring 2021admission and wish to have your application reconsidered for Fall 2021 admission, please email Anna Gibbons.

Leave of Absence
If you intend to take a leave of absence after acceptance but prior to entering the BBA Program, please email Anna Gibbons.

Questions about the application or admission process?  
Please contact Anna Gibbons.