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Study Abroad

Internationalization is more than a buzz word at Goizueta Business School. Students with a sense of adventure, a love of travel, and an interest in other cultures are richly rewarded for the risks they take while at Goizueta Business School. More than 1/3 of each BBA class takes the leap to study abroad, an increase of 400% since 1990. Studying abroad offers more opportunities than ever before. Over the last 20 years, Goizueta has tripled the number of countries in which our students study abroad and almost quadrupled the list of partner schools. One of the first tasks for students is narrowing down this list of more than 45 international partner schools in 29 countries.

Some students prefer to study in the summer through international summer study trips hosted by Emory faculty or through OISP. This is a great option for students looking for a worthwhile pursuit after the first or second year at Emory, those whose academic agenda is too full to squeeze in a regular semester abroad, or those with a second major from Emory College.

For those who choose to stay at Goizueta, a rich international atmosphere abounds. Every BBA takes a class with international focus, such as International Finance or Multinational Firms. More than 20% of each BBA class is comprised of international students. To this, we add each year 100 students from our 45 international partner schools, whom we accept in exchange for the Goizueta students who go abroad.

For a list of our partner schools, please click here. Students can study abroad on a business program after completing one full semester in the business school.