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Please note the celebrations for May 2020 are cancelled. We will post updates about the ways Emory will recognize our wonderful graduating students as soon as the plans are finalized.

Do we need tickets for Graduation?

You do not need tickets for the Graduation Ceremonies. You may have as many family members as you wish to celebrate with you.  The exception is the BBA Awards Celebration on Saturday at 12:30pm.

Are the parking decks reserved on Monday for Graduation?

All the parking decks are open for all graduates and guests except Fishburne Deck. Lowergate Parking Decks are usually full by 8:00 am. Peavine Deck is usually full by 8:15 am. There are shuttle buses running from the parking decks to the main quad. The buses are wheelchair accessible.

Will the ceremony be web-cast?

Yes, the Main University Ceremony and the Diploma Ceremony will be webcast. There will be a link on our website. Look for it the day of graduation.  All schools ceremony:​​

Past Goizueta Ceremonies:

Where and when do I get my cap and gown?

You should get your cap and gown (including hood and tassel) from the Emory Bookstore. They will have them in stock beginning late February. There will be a special display with lots of graduation paraphenlia such as invitations and diploma frames, etc. An announcement will be sent to students via email. Caps and gowns will be on sale until the end of March.

When do I wear my cap and gown?

All graduates wear full regalia - cap, gown, hood and tassel - on Monday for both the University and the Diploma Ceremonies. All undergraduates attending the Baccalaureate Ceremony on Sunday wear regalia to that event.

Will there be a photographer at Graduation?

Yes, we have contracted with a photographer to take a picture of each graduate during the diploma ceremony. There will be two shots - one while getting the diploma and a second while exiting the stage.


Should I go to the University's Main Ceremony and the Business School Diploma Ceremony?

Definitely yes! The main ceremony has some wonderful traditions and is designed to unite all the graduates and families. On the practical side, it is very difficult to find parking on or near campus after 8am.

How can I place an ad in the Graduation Magazine for my graduating student?

Click here to find information on the Emory Wheel's Graduation Magazine, which is distributed every year at Commencement and features ads placed by family and friends on behalf of their seniors alongside editorial content.  Fill out the form for you senior’s ad before mid-April. Order by early March for an early bird discount.