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Full-Time MBA Honors and Awards

Academic Awards

The recipients of the Academic Awards are selected by faculty.

Beta Gamma Sigma
Beta Gamma Sigma is the honor society serving business programs accredited by AACSB International - The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business. Membership in Beta Gamma Sigma is the highest recognition a business student anywhere in the world can receive in a business program accredited by AACSB International. The top 20% of the graduating MBA students are invited to join Beta Gamma Sigma.

American Marketing Association Award
Presented by the Marketing Faculty to the oustanding graduate student in marketing. This award is given based on academic performance and the student's contribution to the school and to the marketing area.

Art Dietz Faculty Award for Excellence in Finance
This award is named in honor of a distinguished former faculty member who contributed greatly to the teaching, study, and practice of finance. It is presented by the faculty in finance to the MBA student who has achieved the highest performance in the study of finance and related areas.

Decision & Information Analysis Distinction Award
Presented by the Decision and Information Analysis faculty to the student who has best distinguished him or herself in the field and contributed to the learning environment in DIA.

Excellence in Communication Award
The Excellence in Communication Award is based on performance in the courses offered in Goizueta Plus and the application of theories through the consistent demonstration of intelligent, thorough, and creative solutions to communication issues in school, work, and life.

George H. Mew Organization & Management Award
Presented to the most outstanding student in Management.

International Ambassador Award
Presented by an interdepartmental faculty/staff committee to the students who have done the most to assist the school in its efforts to forge cross-cultural ties and extend its global reach.

Organization & Management Faculty Award
Presented to the graduating students making the most significant contribution to the field of Organization & Management.

Marketing Faculty Honor Award
Presented by the faculty to the most outstanding student in Marketing in academic performance and in service to the area.

Wall Street Journal Student Achievement Award
By the vote of the faculty in Finance, the Wall Street Journal Award is given to an MBA student who has demonstrated exemplary performance in the study of Finance.

Most Outstanding Academic Achievement Award
For the student with the highest overall grades in the MBA program.

Gordon Siefkin Outstanding MBA Leadership Award
The Gordon Siefkin MBA Outstanding Leadership Award is presented by the faculty of the Goizueta Business School to the Student who has made the most significant contribution to academic and community life while in the MBA.

Student Awards

Initiated by the Graduate Business Association in 2003, these Student Awards recognize individual contributions by class members.

Unsung Hero
The Unsung Hero Award goes to the student who has rendered notable service to his/her class without expectation of reward or recognition.

Outstanding Club Leader
The Outstanding Club Leader Award goes to the student who, as president of his/her organization, has led that club to new standards of service to the class.

Community Service
The Community Service Award goes to the student who, without official title or role, has volunteered his/her time in ways that enrich the lives of those within the Goizueta community.

Core Value Awards

In 2002, students, staff and faculty of Goizueta's Full-time MBA Program came together to determine our core values. Presented by the MBA Program Office, current MBA students nominate and select the recipients of the Goizueta Core Value Awards.

Courage is the quality or state of being that allows one to act with confidence, resolve, and self-possession in the face of uncertainty and risk.

Goizueta seeks individuals who have the courage to make tough decisions and lead by example. At Goizueta, Courage is found in many forms. Courage can be peering out of an open airplane door and jumping out, despite your fear of heights. It can be leaving your home country, your family, and friends to face the unknown challenge of Goizueta, or it can be the decision to walk away from a good job in favor of creating a new career and personal growth opportunities for yourself.

Courage is the keystone of our core values and it glows within our students and is kindled by our faculty and staff.

Integrity is the honest quest for and application of one's value system. At Goizueta, we expect all members of our community to act in accordance with their own beliefs and our shared values, even in the face of personal risk or external pressure.

Integrity is not only embodied internally in the Goizueta Honor Code, but also extends beyond our academic environment. We will strive to lead by example and deliver these same standards to the business community and to society as a whole.


Accountability is the value that encourages our community to honestly assess our strengths and weaknesses, keep our commitments, and acknowledge and learn from our mistakes and successes.

We take ownership of our academic endeavors and our career development. We assume responsibility for assisting our peers and strive everyday, in thought and in action, to better our community. We treat those who assist us in our pursuits with the utmost respect and gratitude.

As future business leaders, we shall always keep mindful of the example we set to peers, mentors, and society as we represent Goizueta and ourselves throughout our lives.

Rigor teaches excellence. Goizueta students seek academic and personal development challenges that place us outside of our comfort zone.

High expectations and stretch goals are the standard that we have chosen for each other and ourselves. Extreme professional hurdles separate talent from the masses, and Goizueta students will excel because of our rigorous preparation.

At Goizueta we deeply value diversity in background, interests, strengths and experiences. It is these differences that foster healthy debate and develop the necessary acceptance to enable successful collaboration.

We strive to contribute to the business community by providing perspective based on a range of ideas and practices, and our success will be measured by the inclusion of all voices.

As the global community becomes more interdependent, we must balance minority and majority concerns to further our journey towards positive progress.

A team is a group of individuals working together for a common goal.

The combination of each individual's unique competencies and personal perspective allows both the individual and organization to realize its highest potential.

To ensure success, team members are responsible for effectively communicating ideas and continually challenging themselves and each other to strive for excellence.

Community is the manifestation of an environment built on trust, support, and mutual respect. It is the combination of these elements that creates an intellectually stimulating atmosphere of healthy competition and non-judgmental risk taking.

Goizueta's intimate size and international dynamic enhance our sense of community, one that proves boundless as it extends beyond mere education to create a legacy in both our minds and our hearts.

Teaching Awards