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Goizueta Technology Services - Service Desk Site

Mission Statement and Purpose


The Goizueta Technology Services Service Desk site is a community resource meant to provide IT related information for our students, faculty, and staff while providing a central location for technical assistance and other services.


Its purpose is to:

-          Be an efficient one-stop-shop for IT and online resources and services

-          Empower users to accomplish tasks and resolve issues themselves

-          Be an authority on common and relevant topics for our community to reference


To further those goals, this site will:

-          Provide a place to request IT assistance

-          Host self-help guides and general IT-related info for students, faculty, and staff

-          Host links to common services and resources for easy access

-          Provide IT announcements that are relevant for our community

-          Provide orientation/onboarding material for new students

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To stay true to its goals, the site will:

-          Only post IT related content unless there is an emergency

-          Restrict content to relevant information only so that it remains efficient and sustainable

-          Avoid posting other departments’ content to keep the site focused and simple

-          Focus on common and frequent issues and requests

-          Continue to evolve to better fit the needs of our customers

-          Restrict the right to make public changes to members of Customer Engagement​


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Goizueta Technology Services
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